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Introducing a radically new way of business analysis  

Finally, a BI app that runs as a Pure Cloud service

With the ability to author, analyze and share analytics directly in your browser, Pinpoint is offered as a pure cloud service – just pay by month and by any number of users.  

Do tables and rows of numbers tell you what you need to know?

Pinpoint is the best in Data Visualization, using in–memory processing to power your analysis and Silverlight for a rich experience over the web.

You are now completely free to navigate your data and come up with valuable insights.

Are you able to get your team to take action on your analysis?

If your team can’t see and understand the same thing you do, then the business won’t make use of your great insight.

Pinpoint offers  ‘Best in Collaboration’ features that allows everyone to share intelligence and knowledge as easily as you share a map location.

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start saving money now - improve operational efficiency on key business processes by subscribing to hosted and managed cloud services


install CloudSeed and manage your own a private cloud - build, customize and distribute cloud services within your Enterprise


install CloudSeed and run your own App Marketplace - design it, create tariffs and manage customer accounts


work with us to create an industry specific proposition by building a best practices solution delivered via the cloud


distribute Pinpoint dashboards on your Portal for users to interact and analyze data such as market research data, digital content and more.


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